Thursday, August 27, 2009

Internet back

Which means i can update my blog more, maybe....dependin on how much awake time I have in a day, but it is a goal at least!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cut backs....sorta

Ok so I got the Pepperidge Farms job...I start next Monday...the shift that starts at 5:55am.....I stopped winder farms today, and I am going to put in my notice with the photo 6 hours of sleep a day ought to do it eh? We will see...we have to do something to put into savings.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm alive....and we are well. I am working 3 jobs....trying to start another and going to quit two. I have the temp job with the cheese place from 8pm to 4 am, and then I got a job with Pepperidge Farms, packaging cookies. It starts at 11.42, it is only temp until Dec, but there are possibilities for full time hours and overtime, sometimes not, I am a fill in basically. But it is good stuff. We should be getting the internet again in the house next month, so I will probably post more, and more exciting things. But off I go for another nap maybe, and dinner and work!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Well some good things have happened this Monday.....first, I still have my job with winder farms and I got assigned to work the Cache County Fair. Some people at work hate me for it, because I didn't hit my quota last week, but you don't see me complaining. Second thing is I got another job. I hired on with Kelly Staffing when I was looking for a job and didn't get the one I initially applied for, but they called me this morning on the way back from the Winder Farms meeting and asked me if I wanted to work full time on-going (whatever that means) with Schreiber's. It is a cheese place and I will be packaging. From 8pm to 4am, I need to get steel toe boots, and wear a coat and gloves cuz it will be cold. $9 an hour, not bad. I can do that, and hopefully go to part-time with Winder, and still work the photo studio.....3 jobs...wouldn't that be great!?! And still be able to do cub scouts Thursday night and maybe even stake softball on occasion!!! So that is about it for now, Oh and I went a visited an old co-worker from Atlanta, he is working up here in Logan so I dropped by to say hi! It was pretty sweet as well...well perhaps I should start all days off the way I did today, it seemed to work fairly well.