Saturday, September 15, 2012

Visite au Zoo...Deux

I really liked this bird. I was trying to get a great macro shot and it kept licking the lens
Just like this
"Give it a kiss!"
"You gotta problem wit me?"
Leapord, I didn't like those wires in the way
Fountain Play
She got a little wet
Look at those raisins for feet
I think she liked it
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Visite au Zoo..Une

And she's off!
To pet the stingrays
And check out the bald eagle
And the baby guppy swimming with the manatees
And the flamingos
And penguins
And feed the Giraffes
Mmmmm lettuce
She was watching the giraffes
And feed the budgies
And pet the goats
And look at the creepy fruit bats
And looking cute, just not at the camera
The duck is biting the other ducks neck..hehe they were fighting