Monday, September 28, 2009

Who would have thought you could buy a house for $300

So here we have our motorhome. I don't know why that stuff is highlighted. Anyway, it made a 2 hour trip from West Jordan, Utah, to its current parking spot.
There is a crack in the top window...but I have some plans on ways to disguise it...we will see if it workds...but not yet. We have lots of other stuff to do before those cosmetics come about.
Look our door....I hate that lock, it is crazy hard to use...but we are gonna fix that too.
The front seat and overhead cab. The overhead cab is now almost complete. We had to take out a bit of wood because of rot. There are no vent covers on the roof, and there hadn't been for a we have some good stuff to fix, but it is fun...I will put pictures up of the overhead cab when it is done.
Bathroom, there is no toilet in there right now. James has taken off the ceiling, and part of the floor to fix rot. After the overhead is complete....actually we might have a lot of the bathroom done tomorrow, as well as have the windows put back on the front.
That ironing board looking thing is our is in its place right now. The cabinets above the eating area fold out into a bed, then the eating area turns into a bed, and of course the overhead cab is a bed. So our little home sleeps 5 to 6 people. It has a stove, fridge, and double sink, and it also comes equipped with a barometer.
This is what the overhead cab looked like almost stripped.....but now all the walls are back up and we are in the process of wall papering, so that we can paint and such.
We have fixed the horn, the turn signal switch, and the wipers. There is one other thing to fix mechanically with the front end, and the rest is interior cosmetics. We have gotten a lot of our supplies from the DI (aka thrift store). Today we got 4 boxes of peel and stick vinyl for the floor for 2 bucks a box. We got the paintable wallpaper from the DI as well. We got a lot of free wood this weekend from a construction site who said we could take it. We are excited with the progress we have made....we are almost all ready for the safety inspection....hopefully by the end of next week...that last part is in the mail tomorrow to get here and then I can install it.

As far as work, I am only working at Pepperidge Farm, which really is a lot of fun. I do like it, it ranges from 3 to 5 days a week and is allowing us to pay the bills and work on the motorhome.

We are still looking for a co-sponsor for James....

General Conference is next weekend and James and I get to attend the 2nd session on Saturday. We are pretty excited about that as well.

So there is my quick yet fairly encompassing of the past couple months update....and of course our new home!!

Catch up.....

Remember that candy pie I told ya'll we made....well this is how it was done....and it was all consumed...there wasn't any left. They even ate the pie plate.

The I will put up pictures of our new home......

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So much closer

I have pictures downloaded onto the computer to put onto the I am one step closer. I am attempting to be a better blogger. Just got back from Twin Falls where I got to meet a lot of my family that I had never met, it was the wedding of one of my cousins' and it was a blast. I really did love meeting that family. And we all fit right in. Anyway, I need to sleep, we had to come back last night and didn't get in till 12:45pm, which would be bad if I didn't have to be at work at 5:55am...that would be why we had to leave last night instead of today.....