Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love it when rich people complain about having to pay taxes to help support the poor people.....and then I love it even more when they say no to a poor person who is trying to make an honest wage going door to door to really really expensive houses. Oh the joys of door to door isn't like I am knocking the slums asking my fellow people to part with money they don't have...I am asking rich people to turn to quality....instead they tell me the food I offer is too expensive.....well shoot that gazillion dollar house is too bout you take it down to a 3 bedroom house....a normal 3 bedroom house and then you can afford real quality food delivered to your doorstep....makes sense to me.

And then there was this time when I was knocking doors in a nice neighborhood and the fella told me they just moved into this house ( a nice one, way nicer than what I grew up in, and I grew up in fairly decent places) and that they were on food stamps...What are you doing moving into a house you obviously can't afford because you are on food stamps? I am not asking for help from the government...I am just asking for people to sign up to get good food and milk delivered to your door so that I can in turn put some food on my table....and have some sort of roof over my that the rich people don't have to pay taxes to help me live for that too much to ask?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Firemen Save Cats from Trees....

Or I do.....ok so lets start with yesterday. I had a feeling that my break lights were staying on, despite the fact that the lights weren't on and the keys were not in the ignition. Yet I allowed myself to be convinced that it was just the sun glaring on the lights back there....even though I knew it wasn't. Then I forgot to check it in the evening.

So to this morning....I was supposed to be at work at 9:45am.....I got there around 10:04am, which was pretty good since my car was dead. The lights had been on all night, not the head lights, but the break lights, not that I would have known how to fix it anyway, I probably would have just taken the bulbs out, but then I also would probably have forgotten to put them back in to drive again. Needless to say, I walked to work. I called and told whoever was there (left a message) that I wasn't going to be there to make sure everything was ready to open. Then I continued on my little way. When making it only a half a block from my house I heard.....

a distressed cat calling. At first I was really excited, because I love saving anything. When I found this kitten it was stuck in a tree. As soon as it saw me, it immediately reached out for me, so I took it out of the tree....not knowing what to do with it, I couldn't let it go because I didn't want it to get hit by a car, but I also couldn't take it to work with me. So I knocked on the door of the house in which the tree was and asked if it was there kitten. It wasn't, so the next plan was to see if they could at least hold on to it till I got off work at 2, then I would be back to pick it up and hopefully find a home for it.

Then I stopped off to where James was working, since it was on the way to work, and told him of the morning happenings. And I still made it to work at a fairly decent time.

I worked my butt off, I don't know how many families I took pictures of, but it was one right after another, and they were running over their appt. times because babies and toddlers didn't want to smile, or hold still, and it was hot in there, and I never had time to cool down from when I was hot from walking to work....and so on and so forth.

So I was allowed to go home early, walked home, almost forgot where the house was where I dropped off the cat, but found it. The girls there were so nice, students of course, they said they could keep it there until we found a home for her.....she is gray and a girl....anyone want a kitten? Anyway, we exchanged numbers, and then I went home. I was going to go out sell Winder, but I got frustrated because my car didn't work, so I didn't have anything to jump it myself, my friend told me to see if it was the brake light switch, so I looked and got distracted by the switch for the clutch, forgetting that I was looking at the wrong pedal. And then attempted to call people from the phone book about Winder...and had no avail there either.

Then I organized our scouting stuff. Planned the activity for the evening with our boys, and helped one of them achieve the status of a bear!!! YaY Chris way to go!!!!!! That was pretty exciting for me, and Zeke almost has his, he only has one more thing to pass of to get his bear!!!!

Then Mark (guy from church) came over after scouts to bring his battery charger for me to use....and he jumped my car, and he fixed the brake light switch for me!!! Yay!!! Then we drove around for a while, James and I, so that the battery would get a full charge hopefully.

Tomorrow is Pioneer Day, so I am going to work till 12 with Winder, hopefully, and hopefully sign up 3 people, and then go out with some friends to Bear will be the second time we will have gone to Bear Lake this week....the first time was Tuesday when we went to see and some old friends of mine from Atlanta (who had moved away from there a long time ago), and prior to that my cousins from FL came to visit and we went swimming with them, so Tuesday was a real fun day as well!!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guard Bird aka Attack Bird

K so it has been a while....but I have a very note worthy reason to write now.....Today as I was doing my door to door sales I ran across a wonderful way to keep sales people from your door. Get you a hold of a barn swallow and get it to build a nest. I was approaching a house and I saw a bird on a bench. It was about to fly away, figuring I scared it, instead it headed straight for my head. So I thought, maybe it was drunk, and kept walking towards the house and it comes from behind and dive bombs my head again. So I began to walk away from the house, thinking that it would leave me alone as I walk away from the house it was continues to dive bomb me another three or 4 times yelling at me the whole way. It came close to hitting my head many times and I looking like an idiot ducking on the street. So finally I begin to run...which was probably a good thing, because it looked like it was about to get another friend in on the action. Don't worry, I am alive and so is the bird. Though I though about throwing my clipboard up and letting it smack into it. You know, I am not really afraid of the dogs I encounter...but now I will keep a watchful eye out for my fellow fowl. So I found a video that was similar, except I, the target, was moving away from the enemy..

Under more normal circumstances.....I have photos from a couple weeks, that I haven't put up yet, so here we go.

This first one is the fire as we were putting it out from know, the night I ended up getting some 24 hour stomach bug. The second one is our little flowers on our tomato plants...followed by what our plants looked like at the time, now they look like a jungle, it is quite impressive.

Now we have James' idea of making hotdog burgers....or burgers in hotdog form. He decided it wasn't worth all the trouble, and we ended up seeing the same thing in the 7 eleven.

Then for the 4th of July we went to the stadium here for USU and watched the here are a few shots of that.

So that is a fairly decent is going...first week on my own and had one sale yesterday, and a couple people who said they really are interested and will get back to me, which means they probably won't, but I know where they live.....and we are trying to get to know more people, we are gonna have a game night at our house maybe once a week and invite a few couples over. We had a pampered chef party with couples last friday, let me know if you want to order anything, the show won't end till next tuesday, I can send you a link to it. So there you have it.
OH!!!! How could I forget!!!! On July 4th we got 20lbs of ground beef for $16. It was to be sold by that day, so we brought it home, seperated it, and froze it.....we love it when we get our meat for great deals!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

O Canada!!

Well great news! James and I got a job today. Me as a door to door sales woman for a place called Winder Farms. I am basically setting people up to get groceries delivered to their home, farm fresh groceries. And James has a little job hauling hay. He was supposed to start today, but they are starting him tomorrow. So that will be real cool. The good thing about this sales thing, is I can still work the photo studio, it is commission, but it is $75 per person I get set up, so even if I just get 2 people a week, that would be enough to get us by. And there is about a week and a half or two weeks of training, at $80 a day. So that will be nice, way nicer than, nothing which is what I basically get now.

I went to the orthodontist today, I only have to wear my retainer at night, so that will be nice. And he says 2 more wires he is guessing till I am done with the bottom teeth, so that is 4.5 months left. So 6 months total for braces....not bad at all.

Let's see, is there anything else exciting about Canada Day? We went to Target and went grocery shopping, that was fun, and we splurged and got a blender so that we can make smoothies. That will be nice. Since we have had so much frozen fruit in the freezer and couldn't really do anything with it. We finally ran out of all our meat and we were left with a few french fries, frozen fruit, 1.5 bags of frozen broccoli left in the freezer. I think that was emptiest I had ever seen my freezer in my life....except when I would have first moved into a place.

I have pictures of our flowers that have bloomed on the tomato plants, but I am too lazy to connect the camera to put them up...we will see if I one day will. I also have some pictures of the hamburger "hot dogs" I made the other day. It was James' idea to make hamburgers in the shape of hot dogs, it looked like a big turd at first, but then it began to look like a sausage.

I suppose that is it......until next time, this is me signing off!