Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So James and I both noticed a little pudge beginning to form....that is a no no....only because i was able to get it off once, so I don't want to have to get it off again, unless it is baby fat. Anyway so it was inspiration to exercise some more of something and to eat to go with our green garden, we had a green meal....

stuffed bell pepper....hamburger,
long grain brown rice, onion, garlic,
*supposed to have corn but we were fresh
out, and tomato juice (but we didn't have
any of that either so I used tomato soup),
with cheese on top, and some broccoli

So besides our new eating healthy thing...which might not last long just cuz, not that we eat junk all the is going well, I can't wait for training to be over, then I won't have to worry too much about my hours being jipped.

And the biggest concern now is getting a co-sponsor for James. I didn't make enough money last year to be sufficient enough to be his only sponsor, so we are on the hunt for someone who is willing to give the government information they already have and be willing to have a little responsibilty on their back, which they don't need to worry about because James and I are cool!

Anyway, that is the newest update.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eventful days...

Well the "bank heist" is over....of course it wasn't a real bank heist, just a conversion of software and such. Pretty much the easiest $15 an hour ever. They had too many of us at the branch we were working in, so I ended up taking the old parts (like pin pad, check scanner, and such) and boxing them up. When all 4 of each were boxed up, we waited till the bank was closed to take care of the other 2 computers, then waited forever for the new software to be loaded and installed, then waited forever for the bankers to do their testing, then waited to get the permission to leave....So I got paid for waiting. Not the kind of job I like, I quit my last job for that reason, but it was nice.

I also spent time talking about the word of wisdom when they asked, since I seemed to be the only one willing to answer and the only active mormon in our group. 2 were from out of state and weren't mormon, one was from here in Logan and was catholic, and one was from Ogden but was less active.

My braces are going well, a bit of pain yesterday, today it is just mainly annoying, mostly the retainer, because I still can't talk right....and it hurts to take it out. I go back tuesday to check and see if one of the bands is on right and to check the retainer. Other than that the top teeth are almost in place where they are supposed to be, like I figured because my teeth move fast.

Tomorrow we are meeting up with some friends from Brantford, Ontario. Well my friends, soon to be James' friends. They were serving their mission in Arizona and are headed back, so we are meeting up with them on their way back. I am pretty excited, I love the Leighs!

Other than that, Thursday night we were both set apart for our calling as the Bear Den Leaders....James was able to be in the "circle" for my blessing which was really cool...I thought it was anyway. Following that we went and saw Terminator Salvation, pretty good if you ask me...I liked it and it was loud! Yesterday we went for ice cream, I like ice cream, not as much as I could, but I wouldn't mind the not as rich ice cream more often.

Well I guess my rant is done for the day, pointless rambling....but that is me!

Monday, May 18, 2009

FHE home evening....began by reading the second half of Alma 32. Following that we went shopping to get a planter, soil, some tomato plants, food for the vegetables, and a little shovel. When we got home we planted our tomato plants and transplanted our little plants of basil we began to grow a week ago. I thought it was fun...and I am excited to eat our tomatoes!!!

On another note, as I post another photo of our garden up, is that I am getting braces on Friday. Thanks to some help from an amazing family that I consider myself part of. I had braces once before, but broke the retainers and never followed up, and now my bottom grill looks like that of a lahso apso. Well that will be fixed in an estimated 8 to 10 months...and not to get my hopes up or anything, but my body tends to move a bit faster than others, and I can still feel my teeth move, so I have hope that it won't even be that long.

I had the option of many different colors for the top retainer...from blue, to red, or yellow, or even glitter or glow in the dark. I decided that glow in the dark might be a little creepy for my husband if he were to wake up at night...though I suppose I would have to shine a flashlight in my mouth for a while...oh well...I went with pink, like the color of the mouth anyway. Too many colors to decide, I don't even remember what color I had that i broke, I think they might have been purple.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Hey remember that time I was going to write a book? I still am, I just got stuck in Chapter 11. Well not really stuck, I have a couple other chapter ideas, I just have been too lazy to type them out...there really isn't much of an excuse. Maybe this will be a good motivator, maybe I will write my next chapter after I finish this post.

Hey remember that time when I was going to catch up on my journal writing. Because I haven't written in my journal since Feb, meaning all of the wedding plans, and the wedding, and the honeymoon, and all there after are hardly at all documented. Almost as if I fell of the earth. To have 2 years almost completely of documented daily history to nothing. Well at least every day of my mission is accounted for, that is something.

Hey remember that time when my husband and I got called as stake bear den leaders. After only 2 weeks in the ward and stake...and really only after one official week, because the first one after church we moved our records over. Fancy that, we are pretty excited. We now have to find him a scouting shirt, the pack leader had an extra den mothers shirt for me.....on the prowl for a shirt, if you all see one laying around anywhere feel free to inform us......!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Auto Repair

Of course after I come home from a nice drive that felt like forever behind the wheel, when I look forward to having a nice time driving occasionally around town, my car decides it is truly done driving. I need an alternator, fortunately it is supposed to be easy to put in yourself, unfortunately I have no job and still have to fork out $100 just to buy the darn piece. The real good thing is that it gave out after my interview as opposed to before the interview, so I was able to make it...don't know if I got the job, but I made it. And my wonderful husband rode his bike to where I was in the journey home to walk with me the rest of the way. Good thing it hadn't started raining, because it sure feels like it could start any minute, but it was nice and cool and I was able to walk most of the way without my shoes to find a cheap alternator and someone who can look over my shoulder to make sure I put it on right.......

Good thing I have a husband, he helped me realize that I need to trust my first instinct. We got my friend Shay to jump the car with the cables, drove it over to the shop that we bought the alternator from and got them to test the battery one more time, and the was just the battery, just like I first thought, but let the guy at Auto Zone direct me wrong, So the lady at Checker directed me right, we saved 100 bucks and have a new battery that will last the rest of the life of my '92 toyota tercel, or at least the rest of the life that we have it.....yay!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Drowning in Photos

I have heard that many people take years to get the wedding photos up and such....I am not one of those who wants to have to wait years to see a picture of me and my husband up on the wall. So for the past 2 weeks, besides job hunting, I have been burying myself in photos galore. I have edited them and saved them, and printed some up, and extras to print up to give as gifts, and so on and so forth....Now I can say that most of the gifts are printed up and about to be mailed off. Now my next goal is to work on putting the wedding album together...little by little, picture by picture. We want to get the pictures printed up on real nice photo I imagine in a year or so, with my determination, we might have a nice wedding album to pull out and sit on people's lap. In the mean time, it is all on our computers, and I still have about 150 photos that need to be looked at for possible editing....I think I might have to say a year is much needed.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

When two worlds collide

An amazing thing happens when two people get married from two different walks of life. Worlds collide, and in some places that can be dangerous, fortunately for me, the 3 weeks of married life so far has been "normal". Things aren't too much different from when we were dating, besides a few of the obvious differences, like sleeping in the same bed, sharing the same bathroom all the time, and well I suppose we can just leave it at that, but besides all that, things really aren't that different. Our worlds have collided and yet we are not in the ER for head contusions or anything of the sort.

In saying that, I suppose our taste in decorating style isn't exactly the same, and perhaps a few disagreements arise from such things. Nothing horrible, the main thing I can point out is my coffee table. I thought it would be a great idea to make one ourselves, in fact maybe do it so well that we could turn it into a business. So the though of wood had evolved into PVC pipe and hemp. I of course was in charge of making it because James had no idea what I had in my head. So I worked for a couple hours trying to tie hemp around these pipes that kept coming apart. So I decided duct tape should become a part of my creation. After the duct tape I thought it looked fine without the hemp, because I still couldn't get the hemp to work out right. And he doesn't like it.

So it gets a little crooked is because I haven't figured out the best way to secure my pipe into its own elbow....but I like my coffee table....I really do, and it may not even be done cogs are always turning in my brain.