Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jour de Noël

Good Christmas Morning, I woke up at 8 and waiting anxiously for an hour before James and Rosie woke up.

Rosie, I think, thought the presents under the tree thing was a set up or a trick. I let her out of her room and she cried for me to pick her up, then I finally convinced her to come out into the living room (she saw the gifts the whole time). Once in the living room she hid behind my legs until I got her to run to her father where she did this timid face thing.

I mean really, does that look like a kid on Christmas morning?

So I handed her a stocking and she pulled out a baby orange thing and a baby tub of play dough and she was on her way, in the car. Notice the wrapped gifts still in her trunk?

It took us a while to get to this stage, the gift bag she is holding is empty, it held grandma's gift.

But she loved opening those gifts when she decided it was time to do so.

And she was a bit OCD when it came to opening them, she had to make sure all the wrapping was off and tape and all (kinda cute if you ask me, I would love it if she were a neat freak, because I am not)

see, every last bit of paper and tape

sharing her baby's bottle
 (notice my new laptop in the background in which I am composing this blog? There are also tickets to see Wicked back there, uber awesome!)
And no stroller is complete without a cat riding in it....Daddy's idea

The second stroller and pack n play were a gift from cousin McKenna and Allison, and it fits Rosie just right, with her baby bottle.

And that was our Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Famille et Certains

Way past time for an update...so here is one
Cousin Lilly back in October
Grandma with her 3 Grandkids, Rosie, Lilly, and Phil
First time getting to play with first cousins (she has lots of second cousins around here)
Quite a rambunctious group of people
A visit with ma tante Deb

Mon oncle and
ma tante (first aunt and uncle on Jamie's side to meet)

Learning how to use crayons

The grown up way

All smiles after her bath

Festivus celebration

She is just too cute

Merry Christmas!!