Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Take freakin' 3

Dumb google has been crashing my browser...I attempted to save my post last time in two ways and still lost it...dumb.

So long story even shorter than the second time.

Bubby, Grandad, Aunt Amelia, and Aunt Izzy sent down a package that got here on Monday.

It had lots of wonderful things in it.  Rose-Marie is in one of the outfits that James even said was cute, she is sleeping in the bouncer chair now as well. We had her on the activity mat last night. We will use the diapers soon, and I am way excited to use her bathing suits.

Bubby sent an 18-24 month outfit that made me tear up thinking about her one day fitting into it, it is way to big and neither James or I want to have her get that big.  And yet at the same time I look at her and yearn for the mommy daughter dates, and daddy daughter dates, and he snuggling up to me and crying on my shoulder when she has fallen down and hurt herself, or if her heart gets broken.  Of course if her heart gets broken she will be crying on my shoulder while her dad goes out and hunts that boy down to give him a good talkin' to ;)

My 6 week is today, which means I can get the go ahead to work out and I will make my goal fitting into my old dispatch uniform.  Daddy is going to meet us there.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


This is what it is all about. So I can have this child for eternity. Christ suffered and was resurrected for that.

And here is a cute head shot, and you can see her little rosette just to the right on her forehead.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Swift makes me Sing

Well today was the one month check up....She screamed like crazy when she got her one shot. I am thrilled for the 4 shots next month...not.

11 lbs 4 oz
22" long
15" head circumfrence

After the doctors we went to 2 stores, one to get glue to keep the mirror up on my rear window so I can see her while I am driving, and then to the grocery store.  When we got home Rose-Marie was awake and in a playful mood, so she spent some time on her activity mat and some on the couch next to me.  I had some music playing in the background from the 360 and all the sudden Taylor Swift came on.

When I was pregnant with Baby Girl I sang all the time way loud in the car to the radio, so I know she has heard that song many of times. As soon as the song came on she started coooing, so that only can mean that she is obviously singing, and she was smiling too.  So as soon as I grabbed the camera her cooing came to almost a complete stop, but at least she was smiling and dancing.  So here is the video up on her youtube page.  And all that singing and dancing proved quite intense for her, so now she is passed out on the couch next to me.

The other night she slept for 7.5 hours, quite nice...last night it was about 6 hours, still nice even though I didn't sleep as well last night.  It is quite impressive as to how fast babies grow.  Everyone tells you they grow fast, and of course they do, but it is amazing how fast, and it is also amazing that I notice it considering how non-observant I am.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

And on the 7th day he rested...

We really have no idea how long it took the Lord to create the earth, but it says 7 days in the scriptures. I do know that He really is amazing. My child is 5 weeks old tomorrow, and I look at her in wonder and amazement.

Her birth was a real waiting game, first waiting for the approval for my husband to agree to us on having kids at that time. Then getting pregnant (which didn't take long, which we are extremely grateful). The we had to wait the grueling long 9 months of gestation. We really didn't have to wait that long before we were able to introduce one of God's children in the world, many people have to wait much longer even years.

And now I look at this beautiful baby girl, the one who is beginning to show and develop her personality. The one who collects tons of lint in her fingers and toes and neck.  The one who is fairly colicky every night and likes to keep us up until 2am (or daddy as I sleep while feeding her).  The little girl who is losing her brown hair and blonde hair is growing in.  The precious mama bear who can't decide if she wants straight hair or curly as every day some curls appear and others disappear.  This precious Rose-Marie who spent about 10 minutes talking to us and smiling at us.  I even think she almost laughed and it just made us the happiest parents in the world. I sit here and look at her and wonder how on earth the Lord was able to form this little bundle of perfection in 9 months.  Despite the fact I was so impatient on her getting her, it is a marvel that this living breathing joy provider was formed in her entirety in only 9 months.  The Lord is really miraculous.

I am so grateful that I have such a wonderful family.  Sometimes her screams just make me happy because it makes me know that I am a parent, and at some point in time I will be able to comfort her and she will stop crying.  That one day this little girl will call me mom and dad dad.  That some day all three of us will snuggle on the couch just because she wants to (not to mention all the times we will just want to snuggle with her).  Though it hasn't "hit" me that I am a mother, I imagine it will be like when I was a missionary.  It won't be like an "ah ha" moment.  One day I will look back and just say, I sure hope I was as good as a mother as I could be and realize then that I was a mother the whole time.  I wouldn't trade any of this for the world, even if she is colicky for a long time.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Already Missing

Rose-Marie is now officially Rose-Marie Suzanne as she had her baby blessing on her one month birthday.
Daddy did such a wonderful job, I was nervous for him on top of him being nervous, and I had no reason to be nervous it turns out.

 She was blessed in the same gown I was blessed in 25.5 years ago.  That was pretty cool.  I tried some photo shoot, but the lighting sucked, so I only got a few good pictures.  And here they are.

 I like this one because it looks like she has red hair....James, not so much.
 The above two are from the ones I took with good lighting...maybe I will try for some more today.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Manatee's live in the ocean

Since I haven't updated my journal about our baby yet, I will write things on here about her.

She isn't afraid to fart like a grown man, but she is afraid to burp in public...or she tries to disguise them as grunts if she must.

She is like one of those baby dolls I had when I was a little girl with weighted eyes, if I lay her down her eyes close and as soon as I pick her up they open.

I totally missed the perfect photo op for her the other day. When I was at work I held the phone up to her ear so daddy could talk to her and she grabbed the phone with both hands and was totally holding that phone like a pro.

That silly photo of her smiling, my favorite one, I see that smile at least twice a day. I love that it is an everyday smile.

She is totally a daddy's girl, she somehow knows when daddy is going to be home and manages to be awake when he gets home.  It is quite impressive.

Also the other day when I was at work I didn't get my camera out like I should have, but before school the kids I nanny for were hanging out around Rose-Marie and were singing her lullaby's to try and get her back to sleep, it was the cutest ever, if they do it again I will get video.

Now that the rain has passed the 4 of us, Mommy, Daddy, Rose-Marie, and Grandma are going to go see the manatees, cuz g'ma has never seen them before.