Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sortir de la Clandestinité?

I know it has been a century since I have written. I guess time just flies by. Moral of the story is James and I now have our Associate's Degree from HCC. James and I are both attending USF in attaining our Bachelor's Degree. Rosie is almost 3 and can recognize 9 letters and recognizes the letter "y" as "yakitty yak". Rosie is our pride and joy and never ceases to amaze us. She says stuff like, "I got a great idea" and "Robyn's baby is perfect" without warning and blows us away with what she knows and understands. Rosie loves to dance, and I can't wait to get her into dance lessons. We are already planning her 3rd birthday party and probably her sweet sixteen not too long after that. James is still an amazing father and I am loving being a mom......maybe, just maybe I can attempt to update more often...maybe.