Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Long post.....

How far along = 13 weeks
Total weight gain/loss = ??? I'm sure some, but it is probably mostly road trip weight, the scale is in the bathroom in the motorhome, but the ground isn't level in there.
Tummy Circumference = 39" or more...I don't know where I packed the tape measure.
Gender =
Maternity clothes? = I have been wearing big comfortable clothes this week, but I did wear jeans today, with the maternity band.
Sleep = Yes except last night was hard because it was soooo hot and humid in Arkansas.
Movement = We are well over half way to FL.
Best moment this week = Getting everything accomplished in the old apartment and getting on the road.
Food cravings = I wanted milk today, but didn't get it.
What I'll miss = My friends out in Utah
Milestones = The motorhome works!
Theme = Driving
Extra = We went to take the motorhome for a test drive late tuesday, and it wouldn't move, the emergency brake was stuck on. We decided to call our friend Richard to come help us with it. So after work on Wed he and James worked on the motorhome brakes....for at least 4 hours. And the brakes wouldn't budge....well the back left brakes. So I came home from visiting friends in SLC and Provo area and looked at it and got no where either. So we called the mechanic Thursday morning and told him we were supposed to leave that day but we couldn't move the motorhome anywhere. So he was available and came by with 2 of his other mechanics and started working on the motorhome. He looked at it and got no where like we did and finally decided to rock it free using the strength of the engine.....and it worked! My shoulders got lighter, and my mood brighter, we were able to move and not have to leave our house behind. So I asked him to check out the rest and make sure it would make it to FL. He replaced the fuel line, a U joint, added a new tail pipe holder thingy and did an oil change. After about 5 hours of work and 3 mechanics (oh and he broke off the lock for the spare tire that didn't have a key or just didn't work) we spent $308, not too bad.

Friday morning we left....we drove to Monticello, UT. Parked in an RV park and got food at the tiny grocery store. Saturday morning we went to the Monticello temple and did initiatories and then left for Albuquerque, NM. Saturday around 5pm we made it into Albuquerque and met up with Sister Chavez one of my mission companions. We had dinner then went back to her place and showered and watched a movie (that I slept during) and then ended up just spending the night, we had previously parked the motorhome at the Wal-mart.

Sunday we drove to Amarillo, TX. Parked at a way nice RV park, had a nice dinner, enjoyed a cool evening and cable. (Other than that it was an uneventful day besides the inspiration I received from an EFY song I was listening to in ref to my last area of my mission and my husband and my unborn child).

Monday we left and we were going to stop in Oklahoma City, but we got there at 1pm and didn't want to stop that early, so we drove long and made it to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, AR. Nice bathrooms they had, but it was way humid and hot. Oh right ok, so Monday we had the license plate try to fall off, we fixed it, and then when it started to rain we had the windshield wipers stop working on the motorhome. The bar broke from the motor. We haven't fixed that yet, but we bought some Rain-X for the windshield which came in really handy that night, evidently it rained so hard that night, but I had no idea, the Rain-X worked real well.

Tuesday (today) we woke up and headed into the Diamond mine...or field. We sat in the field of volcanic ash for about an hour or so digging looking for diamonds. We didn't find anything, but I found it very relaxing and James found a really nice big smooth rock thing. Then we headed eastward. We have now stopped in Holly Springs, MS. We are about 5 hours from Atlanta which is our next stop.

Interesting things I noticed from West to east. You know you are headed back east when by the border of NM,TX you find a bagged pickle. (You know you are pregnant when you want to eat it even though you don't normally like pickles). You begin to see trees, oh beautiful trees. The reflectors in the middle of the road are no longer flap thingys, they become these hard plastic things so when you run over them you think you have a flat tire. The rumble patches on the left side of the road become less and less. In OK you see a Waffle House. When you stop off at gas stations you see more black people. And finally, the accent begins to change and sound more like home!

Monday, August 23, 2010

One more week till the 1st trimester is over

How far along = 12 weeks
Total weight gain/loss = +3 (I weighed myself at the end of the day as well, so that helps add)
Tummy Circumference = 39"
Gender =
G'ma Marie says it's a boy as well
Maternity clothes? = I totally had to use the maternity band this weekend, I couldn't come close to buttoning up my pants. Good thing I had it.
Sleep = Yes
Movement = Friday we will be moving to Florida
Best moment this week = Went and visited G'ma Marie and Charlie for the last time before our move. And we saw Aunt Lorene and Uncle John, and we bought the baby a cute monster towel.
Food cravings = Eh....sorta, I wanted Chick-Fil-A for a while, but we don't have one up here so I settled for a Smiths chicken sandwich and it made the craving go away.
What I'll miss = Insurance
Milestones = Having to use the maternity band, and James noticing the difference in growth as well.
Theme = Packing and cleaning
Extra = We have to replace the windshield in the Ford already, Got an 18" crack in it from a semi throwing a rock. Crappy, and it cost more for glass insurance than for a new windshield, so we opted out of the glass insurance. We visited G'ma and that was nice, and fun, and James drove the whole way up and back which was nice, I got to sleep on the way up and read on the way back. I like this not having to drive thing. Wed I am going south to visit some friends before I leave. Then we will give our little Toyota to the Booths, they are buying it. Tomorrow we are driving the motorhome up to Richmond. Not too far away, but good for a test drive to see how it will do on our trip down. We worked a bit on it tonight, and we will work on it more tomorrow probably. Tonight we have a lot of cleaning to do. Our landlord is coming to inspect tomorrow, so half the living room is clean, I need to take the stuff off the walls, James is working on the bathroom. We need to do more laundry, I am making macaroni salad tonight for a dinner we are having with some friends tomorrow. Then we can work on the kitchen, I cleaned out the cupboards today, gave some food to some friends. I need to clean out the fridge. Soon we will move the totes into the Ford and motorhome. I can't believe we are moving on Friday, it is way soon, way way soon. Lots to do, and people to say goodbye too, good thing I am feeling a bit more better as of yesterday.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How far along = 11 weeks and 1 day
Total weight gain/loss = -1/0
Tummy Circumference = I decided I wanted to do this, but I can't find my tape measure, so hopefully eventually I will....
Gender =
James wants a boy, I keep saying "he", but I don't care, and it is too soon to tell, but we are going to find out.
Maternity clothes? = I bought a maternity band thingy yesterday, so I could still wear some of my jeans. Now I normally wear scrubs, and I am down to only one pair of possibly work pants (Though I haven't been wearing my uniform for some time now).
Sleep = I can't sleep on my tummy comfortably anymore, I'm not really showing, but it feels like I have one of those hard sofa pillows underneath me, I think it is almost time to start sleeping with the pillow between my legs. That and I am still on graves at work, so sleep is a funny topic now for normal anyway.
Movement = I am sure it is just gas, but really? What are the chances of the gas only hitting right where the baby is? So I like to think that occasionally our baby does a random back flip karate kick, and then relaxes, after all for a baby who is only close to 1.5" that is a lot of work.
Best moment this week = Coming out of the closet with the baby, I told mom and dad and step mom on Sat, my birthday, and then on facebook the next day....now I don't have to tell people to keep it a secret until I tell my parents.
Food cravings = Now that I can actually eat...I'm not really craving too much unbearable. The other day I wanted a Ruben (got a gyro instead and still wanted a Ruben). The other night I wanted cake, didn't have any, but last night I wanted Sherbet instead of cake. When I had the morning sickness at my worse (which really wasn't too bad), I would have to eat out, I could handle subway for a while, then french fries, then who knows, as long as it wasn't cooked in the house.
What I'll miss = About Utah since we are moving in less than 10 days? The Mountains and Friends. I can't wait to bring our kids back when they are old enough to remember to see these huge monstrous beauties that jut up from the earth. And show them how majestic it is to see the sun slowly set on the range and watch the colors not only change the sky but change the mountains.
Milestones = Week 11, last week when we went to the doctors I thought I was at 11, but he said 10, so now we are really at 11!
Theme = Feeling better and actually accomplishing things, I have cooked dinner 3 times in a row, I have packed up a few things. I have actually felt like myself which makes me way happy.
Extra = Now that we have our new vehicle, '99 Ford Explorer, with no exhaust leak and baby safe, we are going to sell my car. We will either sell it or Donate it to this special yard sale on Saturday. Looks like if we sell it, it will be for $300, I wouldn't mind more, but we don't have time to do it for more. Also Sat we are going up to Twin Falls to visit that part of the family one more time before our move to FL. Sat morning all of our furniture will be donated to the special yard sale, then we will only have a few things to pack up before we are done. And when we get back from ID we can start cleaning. I suppose I should call our landlord and make sure we get our list of things that need to be cleaned and such, so we can get our deposit back, we will also need to borrow a vacuum cleaner. Ours broke and I don't think we have vacuumed our floors but once or twice, probably bad, but you can't really tell because of the color of our carpet.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Blood Tests

You know doctors offices tell you they aren't going to call you if everything is fine. When I woke up today there was a voice mail from the baby doctor telling me to call them back.

Of course all the bad things start running through your mind, what is wrong? Is the baby sick? Is something bad going to happen?

I called back and got the info needed. My tests came back great except for...................................................................the Vitamin D.

They said it isn't abnormal for Vitamin D levels to be low here in Cache Valley, and to top it off I work grave yard shift, so I never see the sun, and I am not opposed to milk, but I don't always drink it, it isn't my favorite. So I imagine my Vitamin D was probably almost non existent.

The remedy, take Vitamin D3 in addition to the prenatal vitamin, find a D3 of 800 or 1000 and take it daily. I found a chewable D3 of 400, so I will take 2, they taste good too.

Soon I will be done with work, and we will be in FL, so hopefully my Vitamin D will skyrocket. The nurse also said that I should feel happier, which is funny because I don't feel in the slightest bit depressed, so hopefully i don't get extra exuberant ecstatic happy, I like where I stand emotionally.

I called back because I wasn't sure if that was a Vitamin that could be toxic if taken in high doses in addition to the sun, especially after we move to FL, and she said you just pee out the extra, so that is good too. Once I get a doctor down there they will have to test my D levels again and see if it is better.

So that is the newest, and so far so good still with the morning sickness.......

And it begins,

One day I might become a regular blogger, for some reason I can't seem to come about doing it yet, but this is a good way to keep track of my first experience of pregnancy. A friend of mine updated weekly what she experienced through the whole pregnancy, so I might attempt something close to it.

We can start at the beginning, James and I decided we should start adding to our family. I went off the birth control the middle of May, and the beginning of July found out I was growing a mini us inside.

It happened faster than I expected, I was planning on giving it a couple months after going off the birth control, but by no means am I disappointed that it happened quickly. Since I have never tried to get pregnant in my past I wasn't sure if I would be fertile or not, if there would be any difficulties getting pregnant. That is a trial I was trying to prepare myself for. I know it isn't easy to want to have children and not be able to get them. It was a fear I had, and I am grateful that Heavenly Father has provided this first child with ease, perhaps that means it might give us trouble as it is raised, but I'm ready, I'm ready for all aspects of parenthood.

So we went up to the Family Reunion in Kenewick, WA for the 4th of July weekend, I was way tired, and late. In fact there were times where everyone was outside and chatting and such and James and I just crashed out on the grass in the middle of it all. I thought it was possibly because I worked graves, but now I know it was because my body was working like crazy to make sure this baby had a good home.

We left the family reunion on Sunday morning and drove out to the Oregon coast, we started down in Strawberry Hill and worked our way up to Newport Beach. Some things I began to notice at that point, besides the fact that I was late was that normally with food I could go without for a long while without any side effects. I began to notice that I couldn't really skip a meal without getting nauseated. But other than that and being tired it wasn't bad.

I convinced James to let me buy a pregnancy test to do the following morning. It came with 2 sticks. I woke up before James did, and took the test and left it on the counter for him to see when he got up. It was positive. Ended up doing the second one the next day just to make sure, and James was awake this time, and it was positive again. The above picture is from the first test. So at that point in time it was kinda, we are pregnant but it doesn't feel like it.

I was only 4 weeks pregnant at that point in time. It wasn't until 6.5 that the morning sickness kicked in. And i was nauseated all day everyday, the day it began I cooked some really good tasting and smelling chicken legs, well James said they were real good, but the smell and look just didn't appeal to this nose or body. I didn't want it at all. I stuck to like veggies that day or something. Now in comparison to some morning sickness stories I had it easy. Just nausea, I could still eat somethings, though one day i woke up so weak and tired and head pounding and realized i had only eaten some saltine crackers for like 3 days. Ooops, I ate and felt a tad bit better. I have only thrown up twice during this first trimester so far.

Our first doctors appt. was on the 11th of this month. We heard a heartbeat and saw it as well. The doc printed up several ultrasound pictures and one even in 3D. It was a pretty cool experience. It is quite interesting to look at the pictures of our baby and realize that eventually that little tiny thing 1.1" big is going to be an adult one day. It will grow and mature and blossom into hopefully a fine husband or wife, father or mother. Now as I marvel at the bean I think about how mature it looks right now, as its body is working so hard to make sure that everything is in place, and everything is to work in its proper function. Our baby is a very hard worker and it is now beginning to build its own bones so that it can crawl, walk, and run eventually. It is kinda fun to learn each week what our baby does new to help prepare itself to enter this world. I guess I help a little bit, but I feel for the most part now, I am just an incubator as it works its magic.

We sent a card to James' mom to let her know she was going to be a grandmother, I told my mom on my birthday, as well as my dad and stepmom. I told my little sisters the next day, when I also posted it on facebook. So it is official, we are going to be parents, exciting and intimidating all at once.

Oh and I hope and pray and knock on wood that the morning sickness is mostly gone, On my birthday I seemed to be fine, and the next day as well, I am beginning to feel a bit nauseas now, but i think i will suck on a Preggie Pop and see if that helps, today I was actually able to cook dinner, something that has been not happening, and I washed dishes and packed a bit, so I think I am coming back around.

I think I will end this now, I still have 4 hours of work left, and starting to feel tired, go figure, it isn't like i signed up for overtime.....oh wait i did. My last day of work is Friday, the end of today starts my weekend, only 3 more days of work left, I can't wait for it to be over!