Friday, January 15, 2010

New Job, New Dedication

I don't know how people stay in a job forever that they don't makes no sense to me. I love changing jobs, I end up feeling the way about the job that I do at the beginning of every job. The desire to do the best you can to succeed.

So Monday I started the Emergency Dispatcher job (aka 911 operator). I drove down to SLC for orientation. We went over policies and procedures and got an ear mold done for my headset, and enrolled for our insurance and such. Coverage is immediate with that, and it is about $30 a month for medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Got my ID cards stating that I am a State employee. Also got fitted for my uniforms. I even get to wear a badge. The down side is that the fellow measured for my pants without shoes on......I really really really hope they aren't too short when I get them.

Tuesday, this day was full of lots of reading, and lots of meetings. I met a lot of people that I would sort of be working with. We share a building with the Sheriff's Office and with the county jail. Today there was also a high speed chase that I got to listen to, that was pretty sweet. Doesn't happen very often, guess I bring a bit of good luck with me.

Wednesday, read a lot more, lots and lots of Policies and Procedures, the ones that normally take 2 days to get through, I made it through in about half a day. I got a tour of the jail, that was really cool. I got to meet Kosmo, one of the K-9 officers (a rottweiler). If I want I can get lunch everyday while there (if not graveyard, or swing) for free, just call the jail and ask them to bring it down. Full of calories but good, and probably healthier than what we are eating at home because we can't afford to.

Thursday, met more people, got to get more used to the programs we use. I even got to put information live into the program we use. That was pretty cool. Entered a warrant, and other stuff into the database used by lots of people. I also got to hear a lot of pretty sweet old calls that the center had recieved. No wonder free counseling is offered. Some of these calls are really intense. I also got to watch a couple chases recorded by the dash cam on police cars, that was pretty sweet too.

Friday (aka today) Slept in till 1:15pm. Went Visiting Teaching, went to the DI and now probably going to work out to P90X here in just a bit.........

Not as lonely anymore, I think it was one of those few day got a bit better.....

Friday, January 1, 2010


At one point in time I was excited to move closer to some good I don't know why I am here in Utah...I am closer to good friends...but not close enough to do anything, which makes it harder to be here....When I was far away at least I knew why we couldn't hang. And I do know why we can't hang being close, but it makes me feel like moving here was pointless......

I did have a different plan when I first got here. I was going to go to school, and find a husband and who knows.......Well I found a husband, but that was right before I moved to Utah. And he happened to move with me because he loved me. But now I find myself in this huge vat of loneliness.

I have friends here that I have made through church and work.....but I keep them from being real friends that hang and such probably because I am scared. All my life I have made good friends and then moved or they moved and such. I have lots of friends on my list on facebook, and I know them all, and lots of them were good friends...and still are, but they are far away. Either I moved or they moved.

I suppose the one thing I life I never truly liked was to be lonely. Ask anyone from my past and they will tell you that I was always with friends.....There wasn't much time that I would take to myself, I never liked being alone. Even if I were just in a room not even talking to a friend, it was better than being by myself.

Now I have a best friend....bestester than all my other best friends in the past. My husband. I love him so much, I don't think he understands or grasps how much I love him. All I seek is his happiness ( and a little bit of happiness for me).

We have not moved back to Canada because I don't want to. And he has been such a trooper for sticking it out not being able to work. I don't know how he has done it, but I know that he is probably the strongest person I know on this earth.

So here we are stuck in Utah, until we can get out. Probably one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever. Knowing you are so close to being where you want to be, and yet so far away. I am ready to start our life, to get settled and buy our property and build our own house in Florida. And all I can do is wait. We are so far away, even though our goal is within this year. The only thing we can do here in Utah is save and save money....

I tend to make goals often....and I tend to stick with them for the most part. There is usually something I can do to make it seem like I am closer and closer to that goal...I have never been so far away. There is nothing I can do....I feel useless at times.

Last night before the New Year I took a drive, I drove to Idaho. I wanted to get away from Utah. I wanted out of this place. Though I wasn't in Idaho long, I realized in my journey what I wanted. I want to be settled......I want to have friends and family close by. My whole life I have never been settled.

I was born in Mississippi, we moved to GA shortly thereafter. My mom moved with us to FL after separating from dad when I was 3. Then we weren't there long until we moved back to GA. We lived in a couple different places in GA, moving about 4 times or so while I was there. Then when I was 14 mom moved with us to NC, we moved to 2 places in NC while I was there for 2 years. Then I moved back to GA at 16, and from there I was in 6 different houses, with 6 different families. Then on my mission, moving into 5 different areas. When home I lived briefly with my dad and then into another friends house for a couple months till I moved to Utah in Jan of last year. I have lived in 2 places since being here in Utah. And I am just waiting till we move to FL. In Florida we will move into our Motorhome (not to mention living in it for a month or so here in Utah after our lease is up in April). After we get enough money we will either move into an apartment, or buy some property and stay in our Motorhome on our property until our house is built, which is bound to take a few years. So even now I know that we have many years until we are settled. And that is what I long for. I have moved enough times in my life to say that I could have been in a different place every year of my life. I am ready to settle down and be with my own family.

In the meantime, I am lonely here in Utah.......and I don't think I'm the only lonely one....