Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Pioneer Woman is doing a photo share of people to share their green photos, or photos of green, but let me tell you, my favorite is


Yeah he got approved today for his Green card, it should be in the mail in about 10 days (no more than). The interview was no more than 30 mins, and he said ok, you are approved. Pretty easy, we gave him paper and that was it.

To celebrate we had some really good pizza in Smithfield, and buffalo wings, I tried to get them to put broccoli on my pizza but they were scared it would burn (I knew it wouldn't, but oh well). I told them to call me when they figure out how to put broccoli on pizza. But the pizza we did have was good we had the spinach on it instead of the broccoli, have I said broccoli enough yet? James and I decided that when they get it perfected (the broccoli), they should name the pizza


Sounds like a good pizza name eh?

Then we went to the dollar store to get our movie candy and saw probably the best Dragon movie ever. How to Train Your Dragon, in 3D, yeah I really like it, especially the fact that it was good from the beginning, instead of taking a minute to get into it...I would suggest going to see it.

So that was our adventurous day.

ps, the interview guy didn't care about all the pictures I made sure I found in order to get for him, and paid $10 to print up, but at least we got to keep them, a total of about 50 pictures of the two of us, not gonna lie, I was impressed. And the one at the top was from the first and maybe the last time the two of us went was fun and cold and I was really scared.

Friday, March 26, 2010


So after I finished my blog I took my shower

Megan was there when I got out of the shower

I got all the paperwork together that we needed for immigration to copy

I got the pictures in one location on my computer after a frantic search for the memory card

Hopefully I will be able to get those pictures printed up tomorrow before work

I got all the paperwork copied at Kinkos for $0.98, and unless the truck gets registered we are done

I went to the grocery store and got fruit cocktail and other things for James' lunch

I found out that the tires are barely good enough to pass safety inspection

I went home put away food, got dressed and was enroute to work at 14:08

At work I sent an email to the tire place to see if I could make an appt early tomorrow morning for tires

I gave James the lowdown of the days adventures and now I wait till tomorrow to see what it brings

A list of Possible

Ok new goal.....update once a week...I can do that right? Hopefully?

Well tax returns came in, thank goodness and I am so greatful for the EIC credits, how nice are they, Bush did that right. The first order of business that was taken care of with that money was to pay off our piano, the one we splurged on in October, which had no payments/interest for a year, so we were putting it off till we had the money, and it is a really really nice 88 key keyboard that will be easy to take with us and use in the motorhome, and it feels like real piano keys and such, and that I used around Christmas time to try and play some, and did a lot better than I thought I would but have forgotten it all because I didn't play it everyday, and now it sits collecting dust, but it looks like it is used sorta now that we took all the books and mail off of it, and occasionally there will be an old pine needle from out Christmas tree that was removed months ago (we still find those in our bed too, I guess our feet just love to share).

The rest went into savings, to save for that trip to FL. James got his first paycheck today, so that was nice too, we get paid on alternate fridays which is wonderful, we will have money in every week, even though mine goes straight into savings now it is still nice to know that we will have money in our bank if we need it.

I finally got my badge for work, so now I look even more official, more than before, I am enjoying work still and James is enjoying work, we are excited for Sunday so that we can actually see each other. He has been biking to and from work, and working hard, so when I get home he is in bed, we chatted for a few minutes this morning before he left for work and that was good, and we didn't forget to say our prayers before he left either, which is good because there is no way I would wake him up at night for prayers.

We think the truck has a leak in its slave cylinder, but if we fill up the clutch fluid with brake fluid it is a temporary fix, which is fine by me, it also has an oil leak, but hopefully i can figure that out soon.

I can't find all my memory cards with all the pictures on them, I need them so I can print up pictures of James and I for the immigration interview this next Wed. I have a lot to do for that, and I should be doing it right now.

So my list of things to do today after I finish this post

1.Take a shower
2. gather as much paperwork and pictures for the immigration interview as possible so I can go make copies
3. go to the grocery store and get fruit cocktail and some other lunch thing for James' lunches
4. Make copies of all the paperwork for the immigration interview
5. Print up pictures for the immigration interview
6. Maybe even, if I have time, go see if the used tires we bought are good enough to pass safety
7. Maybe see Megan for a sec if she decides she can come over today
8. Leave for work at 2pm

So it is 11:30 now, lets see how much I can get done

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Great news!!

James got a job!!!! And he can drive!!!!

and we got the hazards working on the now all we need is tires, which my good friend has already picked up and all we have to do is get them installed, so we are that much closer to getting it Utah legal.

I am done with the first part of I don't have to have someone next to me the whole time at work, which is nice because the other person tended to have a long day because they had nothing to do.

So my new work schedule for the next 6 weeks is 15:00 to 23:00 Tues-Sat

James' new schedule forever is 7:00 to 15:30, Mon, Wed-Sat

You all can do the math and see how often we get to see each other, the good thing is that we both have Sunday off, and we will see each other monday evening for FHE, and tues morning. Ok so I guess ya'll don't have to do the math I just did it for you, but we will be able to put a good chunk of money into savings, and maybe get that trip to Canada we want.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


In Wonderland, we saw it yesterday in 3-D, pretty cool not gonna lie. We both enjoyed sitting there with everyone else wearing our giganormous glasses and eating our dollar store candy and pop that we smuggled into with our coats. I really do need to get one of those big purses just for our movie theater trips, besides then I would already have a diaper bag whenever we do have babies. So I guess I better find a cute one.

So then I was catching up on blogs this morning and saw that one of my companions had posted about an Alice in Wonderland giveaway. I followed the link and found this

More than just Alice in Wonderland giveaway

And so here I am sharing it, in the spirit of last night!!!

ps James now has a truck, maybe once it is all fixed up I will be able to post a picture on here, It has a hitch so that if we needed to tow my car, like for an important trip back east, we could!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fallin' off the Earth

I guess I have just had blog fart, I haven't know what to write. A lot has happened, I just haven't known how to write it.

James has his work visa. He also got his letter in the mail for the next step to getting his green card. His SSN should be in the mail any day now and then he can get everything together to start driving.

I love my job, I am now officially taking all 911 calls, my first real 911 call was a man with breathing problems, I finally have my uniforms and soon I should be done with training and set on my own.

Our one year anniversary is coming up. As if it has already been one year, it is crazy how fast it has gone by, and when it gets here we will be that much closer to moving into our motor home into Brigham City.