Saturday, May 19, 2012

L'amour d'une mère est indescriptible

A delayed mother's day post

Look at these pictures.

Or pictures of your own.

And just attempt to put into words...

the feelings that leap out of your heart.

Attempt to tell someone...

exactly what your smile says.

You can't.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

La Danse et De Marche

That is a peacock strutting it for the babes in a neighborhood not to far from where we live.

Introducing Dolphin Girl

And now our little "Greaser" girl with a curlyhawk

And then of course our little mixed girl with smooth dancing skills.

Blogger/YouTube isn't working the way it is supposed click

And then if you want to watch the baby take some of her first

Rosie has kissed her first boy, eaten a whole tomato like an apple by herself, learned how to shake her head "no" (which is especially cute when she does it while dancing), she loves to sing herself to sleep, she has begun making kissing noises when she wants to give a kiss (as opposed to us asking for it, or just giving us a big open mouth), she likes to give us the shocked look by opening her mouth wide and staring at us, her hair is still curly, she loves the water (probably has something to do with her webbed toes), she is finally growing top teeth (three at one time still leaving one front top spot empty), she is falling asleep on her own now (thanks to Kitty who watched her when James and I went on our anniversary trip), she is such a loving happy child. 
We truly are blessed.