Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Sunday Walk

And our walk begins with a baby bird of some sort (not mentioning the wild bird that sat on James' finger just an hour earlier)....
Following was this woodpecker nest with baby woodpeckers screaming their heads off...

Snake 1

Snake 2, under the railroad, see that metal at the top, that is the track...

Snake 3, he didn't want to stay anywhere close to remotely still..
And our Bumble Bee
The End

Antelope Island

Here is our garden, grown so much since....

Here is our trip to antelope island....where I got sunburned....

Here is our Sunday walk from today....on the next post

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

another update?

Well there isn't much to update, I have pictures that need to go up, just haven't done it yet....

Ummm we are still trying to sell that truck, we just want to get rid of it, hopefully soon, it would do us some good.

We still have a bit of work to do on the motorhome, perhaps on my next days off we can get to that, the front window and back window are leaking, the back window is a fairly new discovery, and we need to fix the wall where the front window has been leaking, and finish putting up the decorations, there are a few more pictures I want to add to our collage wall. We should also add the lights, and try and attempt to fix the table, it is a bit shaky.

The garden is a growing, the raddishes are doing way well, and so is the strawberry plant. The cucumbers are doing as well as hoped, but maybe they will perk up soon, they have gotten more than enough water and sun combined. The jalepeno pepper plant is doing well too, though it hasn't shown signs of growing peppers it is still very green and pretty. And our tomato plants have flowers on them as well.

We beat Super Mario Galaxy 2 the other day and have 2 more games, Wolverine and Obsession Aftermath, we play a bit everyday, at least to the next save point, we will probalby trade those when we are done with them.