Sunday, October 30, 2011

Liste de Livres

Well I can say I have finished three books out of my list of 26 that I want to read by 27.

The Hunger Games series.

I finished the first two in a week and the thrird one took another week (just because I didn't have as much time to read).

Now I am beginning The Help.

More suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

ps I will put some pictures up of Mama Bear's costume in the not so distant future. And yesterday I heard her say mamamamam for the first time.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mère Fière

You know what I think is funny?
When I don't have to brag about how cute my child is because other mothers do it for me.
Mama Bear and I went today to go "fishing" with some friends. They were sorta fishing and I was trying to make it possible for them to actually catch one, it didn't work.
One of the friends were fairly new friends and didn't really know Mama Bear.
The other friend knew Mama Bear pretty well.
The friend told the fairly new friend all about the fun and cute things Mama Bear does and I didn't have to open my mouth. I loved it.

The other thing I realized today as I was showering is that never in my life did I expect to want someone to bathe me and shower me and shave my legs for me until now...well until having a child.
As a mother (and a working mother as well) I am lucky to get 2 showers a week (Is that gross, cuz I think it is but it is true). I end up being exhausted when I finally get a shower in and find it a huge chore as opposed to a pleasure. For a shower to be a pleasure I would like someone else to do it for me, they would probably do a better job too, and scrub my scalp real well like when you get your hair cut, and there would never be 20 stray hairs on my leg after I went over all of my leg twice with the razor. And I wouldn't have tons of dead skin wash off every time I showered.

So if anyone really wanted too, you could donate to Rebekah's dream shower fund, or really I would like to have a fund set up to James and I back to Canada. I would sacrifice my squeaky clean body to get my husband back to Canada with his daughter to meet his side of the family. I would like to go too but if I can just get him and the babe up there I would be happy as well.

And because I can...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Plage sur une journée venteuse

Caption contest

I look fat, Mama Bear looks uber cute

I buried her feet in the sand