Monday, August 29, 2011

Concours gratuit

I finally got my laughing baby video up, and in honor of that, and the fact that I said number 150 would be a is a giveaway!  Free contest according to the title, but the French don't have an equivalent to giveaway that I could find.

So what am I giving away? That is a real good question...there is a great possibility that it will be contained in an envelope, but then again I may go all out and put it in a box.  As soon as I decide what it will be, I will put it together to make sure I actually mail it out...I promise!!

Rules: 1. You must follow this blog, then post to say you have (or you already do).
          2.  if you share the giveaway on facebook with a link to the blog, comment and say you did (I will check).
         3.  leave another comment telling me what you think would make this blog better (you know it needs it).

There are three possible entries, unless you want to put separate entries for what I could do to improve my blog. One idea per entry. That is up to you all.  You have till Thursday September 1st to noonish? I will randomly pick the winner and then email (or ask for an email to email) so that I can get an address to mail their prize!!!  Happy go lucky

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Six mois de pommes de terre sucre

look at those toes, you can see her little webbed ones on this picture

that butterfly decided to die on James' bumper this morning, I decided to put it on the baby for pictures this afternoon

6 months has gone by so fast. I am still waiting to see if our little girl is going to have red only looks like it in pictures and when the light hits it just right.

She can sit up on her own...for 3 seconds at a time, I know she has all the muscles for it, she just needs the balance/confidence in herself.

She has now had rice cereal, peas, and sweet potato. I have made peas, broccoli, and carrots, but have not fed her the home made stuff yet.

She is now babysat about 3 days a week as my new job is looking more like a full time vs part time job (which we are ok with, because we need the income)

She loves to talk and talk and talk.  And in the video on the last post, she is talking to me on the phone. She is even more talkative now.

She falls asleep in her swing every night now. We are ok with that, we will try the self-soothing when she gets a bit older.

She can still fit in some 3 month clothes, and I like to use 12-24m shirts as dresses on her for church.

I am pretty sure she is teething, but I have said that since she was 4 months old. The only difference now is that she is coughing and has a runny nose for seconds at a time throughout the day. And the drool picks up when she is chewing on something.

I am excited to introduce fruits to her. I am slow with this whole food thing not for fear, but because I have a hard time finding the right time to feed her where she isn't starving or full. And when I am not too tired to do it (since I am not using jarred foods too much [or intend not to]).

She reaches for her toys, and she still hates tummy time, but instead of crying now, she just rolls over again and again and again (till I stop turning her back to her tummy).

I  plan on uploading a video of her laughing once blogger decides to cooperate.

It is getting cooler outside, which means we can bring baby girl outside more, that and now we can use sunscreen being that the doc said not to until 6 months old.

Her 6 month check up will be when she is almost 7 months, I am pretty excited to see how she is doing...I know she is growing for sure.

We took her a couple weeks ago to get photos done at Sears for the free collage.  She was all smiles which made for a better shoot than when she didn't know how to smile.

Our baby is pretty cute, and I know that we have set her up for a lifetime of people calling her Rosemary vs Rose-Marie, but that is ok, people call me Rachel all the time....even when I am not around a Rachel.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Matin bonne

I love the mornings when my husband leaves for work before I wake up.  Because he comes in an kisses me on the cheek and that is the first thing I wake up to. Sometimes I wish he went to work every day before I woke up.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Soupe de pois cassés

I hope our baby loves all foods like she loves rice cereal and peas.

Today she ate the rest of  the jar of peas and then some cereal on top of that...she is pretty cute.

As far as my bucket list...well I did do dishes once this week, I washed some before dinner, but not as many as I would like.  And I didn't work out 3 times this past week, but now that I am not babysitting and working...I might be able to find time.  I mean I will find time.

This is where our baby falls asleep every night, and I am just fine with it because it involves very little crying.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Liste Seau: Bucket List of 26

So an old companion of mine does this every year....this year I decided I should go for it, well after talking to another friend about here is my bucket list of 26:

1. Finish the Book of Mormon once

2. Sing all the Primary Songs to my daughter

3. Visit my Grandmother Connie (specifically before Rose-Marie turns one)

4. Make Rose-Marie a dress with the patterns I bought all by myself (I am very intimidated to use patterns)

5. Do the dishes at least once a week :)

6. Find someway to tour an aircraft carrier

7. Eat vegetables every day

8. Have the missionaries over for dinner once a quarter

9. Read from Preach My Gospel for FHE lessons once a month

10. Go on a date with my husband at least once a month (even if it is just something extra special at home..planned)

11. Find someplace in Tampa to do Karaoke and go at least twice

12. Teach myself and my daughter Sign Language

13. (Halfway there) Go to the temple at least 4 times...but hopefully way more than that

14. Make my daughters first birthday cake, fancy cake style (hopefully we will have enough people to eat it)

15. Keep a job longer than 6 month...even if I get bored (I have done it before)

16. Get a simple hymn book and actually learn how to play the piano

17. Get out of debt (excluding student loans)

18. Go to a concert of someone I want to see

19. Become a better chef (which means I will also have to cook more)

20. Leave my husband more love notes on a regular basis

21. Exercise on a regular basis (at least 3 times a week?) ((I hate exercise))

22. Lose the last 20lbs of my baby weight, and maybe even get to my pre mission weight (and keep it off)

23. Read at least 26 different books (you all can help me start a list if you want)

24. Keep the blog updated at least once a week (and find a way to make it more interesting)

25. Find a source of volunteer work to become more active in the community

26. Splurge on at least one overnight for just my husband and I

ps. my French titles may not be perfect, but it is a start to making my blog more interesting

Happy 26th to me!