Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Parce que c'est en raison

ps, My friend Carrie from Atlanta told me about picasa and now it is making uploading to blogger way easier and yours truly more apt to making more blog posts.
Watch this kid shake her booty(I guess you can't watch, it didn't upload the video as a video...I hope Carrie you can help me more with the video part.)
Yay for pigtails!! Except now she doesn't like Mommy doing her hair.(She sure is her mothers daughter)
Playing in Papa's boots
Emo Rosie
Baby Kitties
They like to play mostly after the baby is in bed.
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Si vous le construisez, ils ne viendront pas

Here is our front porch before
And After
Screened in and plantified
Inside the screen
notice the lack of mosquitos?
Ok so you can't see the mosquitos, but there are lots and there aren't lots inside
Here is the rabbit hutch James made so that we can raise rabbits to eat.
Mmmm rabbit, I have never eaten them, only had them as pets, I hope they taste good.
And here is the chicken coop for our chicken to have.
Courtesy of two end tables, a door, and trellis type wood from the before of the porch.
you think our egg laying chickens will like it? It probably cost a total of $7 to make.
And here is proof of mosquitos. That was about 20 minutes after I had gone inside.
Brutal, brutal I tell ya. I can't wait to have our chicken and rabbits though.
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sacrifice Conduit à des Récompenses

Living Room, we replaced the ac and put on baseboard and replaced some subfloor under the ac and painted.
Ok we finally moved, a month ago today, and I am finally posting pictures of before and after. We have put hours and hours and hours and hours and hours to make this place liveable and a safe place for the baby to spend the next 3 or 4 years. So follow me here on this journey.
After. Excuse the mess, we live here.

Before. We painted and added flooring.
After. You can't really see the floor, but it looks nice. I love my spice rack and my utensil hangers. All the bottom cabinets are also childproofed.

Baby Room before. No carpet, the colors were actually darker than the camera sees.

Mom's room, it is now yellow and has the same carpet as Rosie's room.

Mom's Bathroom, not much has changed except it has a new paint which will be another new paint eventually.

back side of kitchen before
After, it looks real messy with all that stuff on the counter

Before, we ended up taking out the tub replacing all the subfloor to just past the toilet and took down all those visible walls in that photo as well.
After, the ceiling still needs work, but the floor doesn't smell like poop anymore and we have put the same floor in the bathroom that we did the kitchen.
Found this at HomeGoods last night, it was on clearance for $5. The tag said it was a magazine rack, but I like it as a towel bar instead.

We replaced the sub floor by the window, the window pane, and added wall.
This isn't an exact same shot and I still have some organizing work to do in the bedroom, but we got rid of that ugly dark color at the base and added carpet (which we got for free by the way)

Pressure Washed and that dead tree carcass James ripped up with the explorer.

Laundry room
Finally!! For the first time since 2009 I have my own washer and dryer and don't have to go somewhere or pay to do laundry!!!!! Finally!!! and the set was only $50.

Another shot of the bedroom
not a good shot, the room really does have more room than the pictures elude to.

Nasty disgusting old vanity.

Nicer vanity and bathroom closet
That rose picture has been in all of our bathrooms in pretty much the same spot. It was a wedding gift from the Sullivans and I guess I really like it there.

And the newest additions as of 2 weeks ago.

Lexy and E.T.

Lexy the Calico is mine and E.T. the Siamese is James'

Rosie loves the cats, and both of them are so tolerable of her. She pulls on them and pokes them and chases them and they let her. E.T especially lets her. They haven't once scratched at or bit at her. The other day I found Rosie carrying E.T. by her fur and one arm under her legs and when I freed E.T. she sat by her...we really lucked out with them two there cats. So that is an update....my 27th birthday is coming up in a month and I don't think I have done half of my goals for my 26th birthday. I still have time to work on it I guess.