Sunday, June 28, 2009


I haven't posted much lately because I haven't thought much of being note worthy. So I am going to begin to get more hours at work, he ranks his employees and I am near the top. He is giving me more "advice" he said because I am going to be getting the most hours. So that is good, and it will buy us some more time for me to get a full time job, and to get some work for James. We went camping with Shay and her boyfriend Friday night. We went hiking the trails and chilled by the camp fire, it was real real nice. Then we headed to bed, shortly there after I awoke and headed out the tent. I got sick, no one else did, but me, so it wasn't what we ate. I am guessing it is a bug I got from some customer at work. Oh I had a good interview for the dispatch position. At least I think it went well, 3 on one can be pretty intimidating, but I think I was able to keep my audience. So Saturday morning once I heard Shay and Josh get up I got up again, and let them know I was going home because I was sick. So James and I went home, I took some gravol, and slept the day away. We left one time from the house to go pack up all our stuff from the camp grounds and get some Gatorade from the store. Other than that, I slept all day, only got on the computer once for about 5 mins and more sleeping. I was so weak, and achy, I am sure sleeping on the ground the night before didn't help. Well despite all the sleep during the day I still managed to sleep all night as well. Then spoke in church this morning and came home after sacrament. I'm gonna be adventurous and try some eggs this evening. I am sure I am fine, but better safe than sorry. I have a possible interview for tomorrow morning, and one for sure on Wed. I don't know when I will hear back from the dispatcher people, I forgot to ask, but I figure I won't stop looking, if I hear back, then I hear back, if not then that is ok too.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Horray for Day Camp!

Many of you know that Utah has been full of wetness. It has rained everyday for what feels like forever. It has already rained twice today and is threatening it again. Well yesterday the scouts were supposed to go to camp, most of which is outside. So it poured in the morning and was very wet. But, when it came time to leave for camp the sun was out. We had 27 boys from our pack attend. All wolves and bears because the webelos have camp another day. And off we headed 37 miles from Logan to camp fife (or fire as some of the boys kept saying).

It started off with an outdoor flag ceremony, teaching the boys how to properly conduct such a meeting.

Then we took our group and they got split into smaller groups. So the group James and I went with went and learned about different things in space. And made kaleidoscopes. I wasn't very diligent in taking photos, I probably should be since I write photographer down as current occupation. Oh well.

After that we went and learned about proportions of the planets and such in relation to each other, and to the sun, and to stars like the red giants. Inside that silver thing is a planetarium. All 17 or so boys and a few leaders loaded in there without shoes and looked at diagrams of star patterns displayed on the inside. It smelled like stinky boy feet and when she moved the projector screens while the light was in, it was as if we were on a roller coaster or something. That with stinky feet, I was determined someone would lose their lunch, but they managed to keep it all together and keep it in! Yay boys, good job!
Now we are on to using binoculars and telescopes. We watched as the boys discovered things far away unseen to the plain eye without magnification. They would focus on the rock climbing wall in the distance, and the trees, and animals. They looked off into the blue of the sky with the telescopes, they after that session they headed a bit further in the field and played frisbee golf. I suppose it wasn't real frisbee golf, but sufficient enough to meet the needs of passing off an achievement.

Then off to the rock climbing wall!!! The boys had a lot of fun. In our group we had some boys from a different pack and boys from our pack and it was fun to watch them go up as far as they felt safe. Some boys scaled the hard side, some medium, and some easy. What was fun to watch, would be when the boys would chicken out on the easy side, and then not want to try again. After watching for a while they decided that they wanted to try again, but for a harder side. And they would make it to the top of the harder side. As if. I tried it, with big bulky work boots on, I didn't make it very far on the medium side, and when I tried the easy side, I made it almost to the top, but decided to stop trying one, because I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to finish, and two it was about time to switch area's and there were a couple more people to climb, so I didn't want to hold them up.

Now by this time everyone is begging to eat, but we had one more hour, of class, just in case it decided to rain. So the boys toughed it out. Besides the next part was fun also. Well the whole day was fun! I don't have pictures of the boys doing the zip line, but it was fun. There was one of our boys who was trying to scare another of our boys out of zipping. Only because he was scared himself. What ended up happening was, both boys had a different type of harness. One just went around the waist and the other was waist and back. The one with waist and back said, "uh oh, you only have that kind of one, that isn't good.." I managed to rebuke him and inform the one boy that it is 100% safe, otherwise they wouldn't have put that harness on at all. When the half harnessed boy got up to his turn he was clipped on and ready to go, and said he didn't want to do it. When the other boy found out that this one chickened out, he proceeded to let another boy in front of him, the look of fear on his face was priceless. So I called him out on that as well, he took his place in line, which was next and bravely and pridefully went down the zip line. Then they made constellation things. Whatever they were. Then learned about different kinds of planes and helicopters and such. All the while there was a bird flying in and out, as it was getting food to feed its young. That was pretty cool, and we saw a bunch of deer running back and forth on the hillside far away.
Finally the boys were able to eat. And so was James, he was practically starving. And I didn't pack the best of dinner, 2 PB&J's a piece and some cookies. So then I proceeded to go around to our boys and get some of their extra food off their hands. We got some chocolate chex mix marshmallow ball, and an apple. And I got a pringle chip or two. Not bad.

After dinner we went and shot BB guns and Bows with arrows. Both James and I shot using both weapons, but not at the same time, and had fun. I didn't take pictures of the bows and arrows because another leader was...I think she was...I was too busy teaching left handed boys how to do it. On who just had the attention span of zero. But I think he enjoyed it none-the-less. Then we had flag ceremony, and theprecipitation began to lightly fall at the close of the day. We left camp around 9:30pm, got into Logan around 10, and hope that everyone slept well. I had fun, I suppose that is all that matters......

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You live and learn....

Well a good friend of mine passed away this morning. She was in her 90's and lived a wonderful fulfilling life. At least I would say it was fulfilling. She will be missed by many, especially her husband who has survived her, ha, he would say that too. I am glad I had the opportunity to be a part of her life. I am glad she let me in to share in the joys of the past and present while we were together. Man, I love that woman, and can't wait to see her again, that will be a joy as well.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mothers Day

It was a month ago, but James and I finally got the gifts sent off to our to Canada and one to Georgia. They should get there in no time....6 to 10 days. And they will be happy and pleased and surprised......

The end..

Sunday, June 14, 2009


We really need a co-sponsor for doesn't involve any money, you don't have to pay anything. All you have to do is prove to the govt. that you made 30,000 last year (or another decent amt in comparison to how many you are providing for) and send it in to the law firm. In return you become the temporal savior of James' sanity, and allowing him to be able to get a work visa, so he can bring another income in, since my hours have varied from 5 to 8 hours a week as I continue to search for another job. I guess the other thing is that you have to be a US yeah, any takers?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Enrichment Tonight...

It was a good one...about how to use wheat...I even have video, but I have to get my computer working right, so I can then edit the video and have it to the amount of space available for it and then post it.....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

You know you're cute when........

Don't you just love it when the kids are happily playing during Sunday School and aren't screaming!

And especially when they notice you and you get to make faces and see if they will smile!

This boy was very cute in you can see him smiling at James.....but a tad bit before that he was flirting with me. Just eying me and smiling, flipping through his hymn book showing me what he could do, just a big ol' flirt.
Then he began to notice James off to the side of me, and one obvious time he shot this intimidating glance James' way, the look of "don't you dare think about taking this girl away from me." James and I had a hard time concentrating after that...we found that quite humoring...the fact that James now has to battle for me with a toddler. Oh well, I imagine I am worth it.

So that would be our Fast Sunday adventure....James got to do his home teaching and I only had to work 1.some odd hours instead of 4...

The Lord truly does bless when we strive to do right!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

One more thing.......

Yay for has only been about 3 weeks and we didn't even notice that that is how big they had gotten...we thought they weren't growing at all....thank goodness for before and after photos.....

Yay for Bears!

So James and I decided to make hiking sticks with the boys tonight....So yesterday we went hunting for the sticks and came back with 7 dead sticks. Today we shaved them clean....and that is what you see to the left. We got another scout leader to bring a drill with a wood bit and we drilled holes into the sticks and brought hemp and beads for them to decorate with. It was kinda fun to see the boys decide whether they wanted beads or not. After all, beads are kinda girly (but fortunately I had some man-ly beads because the girls that I use the beads with used all the girly beads). So we had Jonathan decide he didn't want to sand his, or put a hole in it or carve his initials into it or anything. That was fine by us, but once he started seeing the other boys putting hemp and beads on, he decided he should too. In my opinion, and I believe in James' as well, Jonathan got the best one, his was some sort of is the one on the far right...I like the "hand hold" at the top of that one too.

So there you have it......almost all 7 of our boys...Jacob will start coming next week since soccer is now over......and 6 out of 7 boys is a pretty good turn out....the other Bear Den has 7 boys also, and only 3 showed tonight. I'm excited...we are gonna have a lot of fun with this calling.

On another note...I think I am gonna be getting more hours than I thought at work. It was just the manager and I this morning and I was the one taking pictures. Evidently a big problem we have been having is that people are taking too long taking the photos, and it is backing everything else up. But my manager said that I was doing real real good in the photo room, that I am doing it in great time, and getting great shots. So that was good, and one of the main things they look at in order to give hours is performance......more hours = more money = food on the table and bills paid.

And one last thing.....We have had fun moving stuff with my little car.....the first big thing we moved was our dining room table.....legs up in the air, strapped down on the top of my worked and because it worked we got a dining room table for free.......2nd....a queen size box was marked free at a yard we strapped it to the top of my car with bungees again....and got it home....and last but not least....the top of the mattress set....that was another day found by a it was free too! But this time I remembered to take a picture.....

So there you have $600 car.....has saved us......about $700 in furniture.......priceless......

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happiness always follows

The joys of life....nothing different from when I wasn't married to now....still struggling to find work in the downfall of economic times. People ask me all the time...what brings you to Logan....and my response is always...I don't know....I don't know why I am here...but I know we are stuck here for a bit, because we can't afford to go anywhere else.

I was excited for my new job, and now that training is over...and I still have lots of training hours to do...I am getting about 4 hours a week. I was supposed to for sure work today, and got called out....go figure. What to do? Look for another I am looking....I should hear back next week about the emergency dispatcher position. I would like to do that. If things don't work out there who knows. But I do know that if I am only scheduled 4 hours a week, I don't think that job will last long. They hired with the intent for the staff to stay for a long period of time, and yet if they schedule me for 4 hours, do they really expect someone to stay a long period of time. I have a family to take care of, until my husband can get his work visa...which we are still working on.

We have a couple people who are talking about possibly taking him on by being co-sponsors, so hopefully one of them will work out and we can get on the ball with this immigration stuff...I still need to get them my SSN with the new name (the card) and the marriage certificate sent out....but it will happen. Take a picture and email it or something.....or just fax it, I can go over to LDS Employment and fax it out.

Suppose I will go cook dinner now.....