Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Maman Ourse est une Année

7lbs 14oz, 19.5 inches long
born at 2:05 on March 13th 2011
This was our pretty much bald baby then

And our Happy Birthday Girl Today

Babbling up a storm, always on the move

Always smiling with 4 teeth on the bottom and none on top

19lbs 11oz and 27 3/4 inches long

Celebrating her 1 year with 3 shots, 1 toe prick, 1 blood draw, and 2 pierced ears

This year has flown by, and I truly have enjoyed every single moment. I shared in church the other day how sacred the first year of life is. My daughter has been ministered to by angels and I know without a shadow of a doubt that she has learned things that none of us have taught her by those ministering angels. This first year is so sacred that the individual whose first year it is does not remember it. I feel so privileged to be a part of it.

Our baby can do the following things and some:
Stand by herself
Fall towards someone while putting her feet underneath her
babble things that sound like real 2 word phrases
Dance like it is no ones business
Watch Tangled with undivided attention for the entire movie and laugh when appropriate
Give kisses only when she deems necessary
Listen and Obey when she hears the word "no"
Wave hello and goodbye when the individual has turned their backs
brighten up any ones day
grab everyone's attention when out and about
cry only when necessary (94% of the time)
Bring you her bag of snacks when she wants them
Bring back above mentioned bag of snacks after mommy or daddy throw them across the room
 (that is called playing hide and seek)
Sleep all night long 90% of the time
play by herself for hours at a time
Break out in hives around her mouth when given milk products
Play for hours in the tub if we let her
Click her tongue when she wants to hear music or when she is listening to music
And Much Much More

Rosie is in the 75% for her height and 25% for her weight...next set of shots come at 15 months...and here is to a wonderful second year.