Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012


 Once upon a time I had a creative bug but didn't know how to get rid of it. So this past Saturday Rosie was to go to her first birthday party for a cute boy at church. I wasn't sure what to get a 2 year old and after much thought and applying things that I researched over the past couple weeks I decided to make something for him. So we all too a trip to Staples and I got blank index cards, colored pencils (because I didn't know where mine had ended up), an index card case, clear contact paper, and mini dry erase markers with eraser.
Here was my thought...compact size flash cards on a key ring, water proof, baby proof, and you can make your own picture for each letter over and over again.
So these are the cards I just finished coloring for Rosie today (Jaxon already got his obviously). I drew the letters, colored them, then punched holes in them. Then I will cover them with contact paper (and some glue stick) or self stick laminate. The attach to a key ring. Put them in the cute index card case and throw the travel dry erase markers so they can color on the blank back over and over, for years and years of use.
So I decided I could use numbers too, and with these ones she can take off and use for adding and subtracting and make bigger than 10 numbers because I made her a 0 too.

And here are the few shapes I have added, I will probably have lots of time tomorrow to do more shapes and such at work. So there is my creative stint.

I couldn't get this kid to stay still to get all the close ups I wanted
I was aiming for the teeth
Trying to get the chunk of brown in her eye
Trying to get the "Talkative" Caption on the front of her onesie
This is what my daughter thought she should do with my underwear..cute eh?!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vingt-sept est maintenant Vieux

Rosie was digging going under the bike racks, just a perfect fit.

Remember the "Bucket List" of 26? Well I did 3.5 of the things on that list. The half was that G'ma Connie came down here to see Rosie before her first birthday, not us go see her. So this year in honor of the big "27" I am just going to post 27 recent pictures and put captions on some. Don't want to set myself up for failure again :)
She concentrates with her tongue, just like her mama
Sporting the backwards cap
How can you resist such a cute sweaty face?
Out to sea, just Papa and me!
She wasn't happy with the water
However, she tolerated the sand.
A giant fish ate my daughter
And so Rosie ripped open its insides and came out on top.
Rosie's passport card photo, taken by me!
I think she is pondering the perplexities of life
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I don't know what this is...proof I used picasa? The other 7 photos that didn't show up?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Papa dit que nous regarder comme des jumeaux

I can see it in the cheeks I guess. What do you think?
And I am pretty sure they are twins. Look at those faces.
This is my old dance...not to be confused with my new dancing.

In this one you can see how good my rhythm is, watch me clap!
A tine dance when she felt the urge.