Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden....Take 2

Last Monday James and I planted our garden again, this time it wasn't just tomatoes. This time we planted cherry tomatoes and big tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, cucumbers, raddishes, strawberries, and broccoli. So far all the plants are alive, today James planted some peas and wax beans. The radishes, peas, wax beans, and 2 of the cucumber plants were from seeds. The radishes are already sprouting green. So we think we will have better luck this year because they are starting their lives outside, as opposed to inside, so that is good. The strawberries and cherry tomatoes already have blooms. I have pictures but I am too tired to put them up.

This past week my bestest friend in the whole wide world got married to a very wonderful man. I approved of such actions before they even knew they were going to get married, like about 2 months into their dating, and they have been dating for a bit over a year. Anyway, it was wonderful. She got married on Thursday in the Oquirrah (sp) Mountain Temple, and following the sealing we had lunch at the Olive Garden (sponsored by Josh's parents) with some real yummy food. The we ran errands like chickens with our heads cut off, all of the brides maids did. And made it for the reception. Crazy, then we bridesmaids did this jumping off the wall picture and I ripped my dress and the zipper seam that had just been finished in time for the wedding....good thing I know how to do some sewing, I fixed it by hand the next morning in preparation for the second reception. But the jumping picture was way worth it, and my gentleman of a husband loaned me his jacket to hide my exposed back.

Friday was a miracle, It was predicted thunderstorms all day, yet I got sunburned painting the fence in Shay's backyard, then when the reception started there was cloud covering, but not a drop (well a few here and there but none really) fell until after we had the outside cleaned up, and then the heavens opened and it poured all night. That wasn't the only wedding miracle, but it was a pretty cool one.

I have yet to recover from the lack of sleep from helping out and such, but it was worth it. Then today after work my husband and I went on a nice walk, I suppose you could consider it a hike, but I think of it more like a walk because it wasn't really in the woods too much, just the side of a mountain. It was a way nice walk, and then we came home and played our new black Wii that we bought Sat after a year of begging James to let us get one, he agreed because Super Mario Galaxy 2 came out and he wanted to play it, so we bought that too. Anyway, ps P90x lasted about 1.5 weeks, that was it...I got bored and it stopped hurting the next day after the work out, I really shouldn't have stopped, and I may go back, but we will see.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am so sore and have been for the past 2 days because of.....................................

I know I said James and I were beginning that at the start of the year, and we did, for about 20 mins, but we didn't go on to the next day....So months down the road here I am, I decided to do it for real, and if I do it for a week straight James said he will do it with me from then on, so we will see how that goes. But I can't sneeze, I can't laugh, I can't cough, I can't sit up or sit down, I have to roll out of the car real slow, man oh man am I in pain, and I have an hour and 30 minutes of yoga to do tomorrow, I can't wait for my body to not hurt like this.....ok now I am going to take another picture of the motor home.....

Peace, ps, I would put the before picture up (or the current) picture, but it is not suitable for younger audiences, heck it isn't even suitable for mine eyes.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Finally Finished

The Wall
And the cushions, I will add that picture or pictures later...I just wanted to get this one up while it was easy to do so.