Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bien, bien, je reçois le point

Daddy graduated from HCC with his Associates Degree!

We finally got our pictures that we won a year ago, yesterday

Like Mother like Daughter

Daddy starts at USF in a week to pursue his Bachelors Degree...and in a week on Tuesday he takes his test for naturalization.

This was Rosie's birthday cake for her 2nd birthday...fruit kabobs in a pineapple.

Rosie at her birthday party, look at how low her pants are....she was worn out after all the festivities.

Opening gifts after her birthday party that came in from Bubby and Zadie and Aunt Izzy and Amelia

I put Rosie in the sweater today, the same one she wore a year ago, and it still fit.

This was my favorite picture of us from that shoot....and I finished my semester with a 4.0, 2 more semesters till I finish my Associates.

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